“In a distinctly Jewish voice, Smith enables readers to incorporate Jewish culture and tradition into their lives while giving them the pieces to honor the faith and meaningful traditions of their non-Jewish spouse.” —Shoshanna Pucci (Masters of Teaching), teacher and intermarried mother of three 

"This is a great book for anyone wishing to understand the basics and a bit more of being Jewish and bringing up a family to understand their Jewish identity. The author writes with clarity, passion and pastoral concern, making complex issues easy to understand and accessible in bite-sized chunks. Lots of rich resources on Jewish life, history, culture, humor and food, with dollops of practical advice and an easy introduction into Jewish life. Great work - what's next - the study guide or the movie?" - Richard Harvey, Academic Dean, All Nations.

“This book is practical and winsome. Any pastor with interfaith couples in their congregation will benefit from this resource. And so will the couples!” — Lon Solomon, senior pastor, McLean Bible Church 

“A much-needed resource for Jewish families who care about instilling the next generation with Jewish values and identity based on a history that goes back to Abraham.” — David Brickner, executive director, Jews for Jesus

“As a Jewish father, I’m daily faced with the challenge of shaping organic Jewish identity in the hearts and minds of my kids. Garrett Smith has crafted a user-friendly primer on what it means to be and feel Jewish, right down to the kishkas.”—Scott Brown, co-producer of “Joined Together?” a video on interfaith couples from Jewish and Christian backgrounds